Start Educational Activities through Home Leaming in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools of the state

Start Educational Activities through Home Leaming in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools.

Matter of publishing instructions to start educational activities through Home Leaming in primary, secondary and higher secondary schools of the state.

Department of Education, Resolution No. Mashb 1920 Secretariat, Gandhinagar 5 date) 

1. Education Department Resolution No .: PRE / 11/2030 151/1 dated 08/01/20 ૨ Gujarat School Shika Parishad, Gandhinagar Tapikh 01/03/7 Vanipatra No: Noa said 10 Sheta, 121/12/18

Considering the plight of corona covid19 in different parts of the state, it was under the consideration of Abatmarkar Shri to decide the modalities on how to start educational activities for the academic year 21-7 without endangering the public health interest.

Earnings At the end of the above-mentioned deliberations, the state government, non-government (grant-in-aid) and private (non-subsidiary) academic, secondary and higher secondary schools in the state to start new academic activities in the new academic year 2021-26 as per the current schedule. Suggestions are provided.

 In all the primary and secondary schools of the state, the work of giving admission in Std. 1 and Std. 9 has to be started from 308/207 and the work of data entry in the dias of the admitted students has to be completed. According to the instruction to keep the attendance of employees at 90%, the attendance of academic as well as non-academic staff of all schools in the state should be 100%. Considering the number of students in the school concerned and the work to be done, the headmaster will have to perform the duties of the principal. The attendance of the staff should be ensured in the school keeping in view the periodic instructions of the Home Department or General Administration Department.

(A) Students who are provided free text books by the State Government. Arrangements will have to be made by each school for such students to get the books from 08/04/2071 to 15/04/207. For this, Social Distancing does not have to be a complete collection of students, as long as it is possible for the graduates to get the books at home.

The wise planning will have to be done by the main vegetable of each school. (2. Considering the existing situation, the student will have to come to the school and the students will not have to be called to the school. But they will have to continue the process of leitlanti as per the study activities available at home.)

In order for the learning process of students to be done at home, through literature, online education, use of mobile, through Microsoft, through television, I have to stop the necessary television. Mana Tugar GCERT and Charva Shiksha Abhiyan to conduct on-line education and join educational work in free schools as per the instructions given.

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 DD GIRNAR Coverage of programs for children from Waka Chaul, the cover of which will be provided by GCERT and Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The school head teacher (student) will have to make arrangements for the students to be informed of the demand for this extension

 In order for 10 children to get maximum benefit from the distance learning programs, the headmaster of the two schools introduced the student. A AC etc.

It will have to make precisely planned efforts. Is. For educational work in schools, action should be taken as per the instruction received from Gujarat School Education Council, Gandhinagar 2 (SSA) on 7/08/91 and 3/06/7 as well as the instructions received from time to time.

(2) On behalf of the state government's broadcasting for the learning of children, the maximum benefit of the education program is also appealed to the parents for the necessary help and awareness to ensure that all the children fight freely. (10), Literature for Std. 6 to 8 by entire Rijna Abhisho,  for Std. 6 to 8 through TET and Literature for Std. Go 12 Gujarat Singer

Here's how to get ready for school delivery by the Board of Higher Secondary Education.

(12) The private schools which give the students the opportunity to get two ranas at home for their studies are killed. Even the students who have reached the key region should not be deprived of such a fort and for them too - th literature should also be a feast of patience.

In (2), how can educational activities be carried out even during school hours and necessary tremors are applied in other matters of education. In this village, the same scandal of the department is issued in accordance with the approvals received from the Government on the date of registration. Hooda from the Governor of Gujarat and his younger,

Ronak maheta Deputy Secretary Education Vibhag.