July 2021 Increment Salary count auto exl file

July 2021 Increment Salary count auto exl file

Guidelines for Central government Staff check over Increment Drawn every years

Some of the employees are having doubts about eligible of increment, in case of remaining on leave as on 1st July of every year, (Annual increment date). To clear those doubts, some guidelines are given below for the awareness of the Central Government Staff, regarding drawing of increment in case of remaining on leave on 1st July every Year.

i. Drawl of increment after 6th CPC Implementation

With effect from 01-01-2006, Increment is drawn at the rate of 3% per year on pay +Grade Pay, drawn by the official in the previous year. For getting this Increment, 6 Months Service from 1st July to 30th June to next year is needed. So, officials availing more than 6th months EXOL without Medical certificate and remaining under suspension, not regularized as duty, will not get increment as on 1st July. Therefore staffs are advised to see that increment drawn, in case of six months eligible service rendered by them from 1st July of last year, to 30th June of next year.

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ii. When increment will be drawn in case of officials availing leave on 1st July of the year?

Officials are going on leave during first July, without knowing that Increment will be drawn to them, only on return from leave. The period of leave admissible for getting increment, and not admissible, are given in the table below.

Period of leave eligible for drawl of increment on 1st July An officials availing following kinds of leave during increment on 1st July not eligible for drawn increment

1.Casual Leave (CL) 1.Earn Leave (EL)

2.Restricted Holiday (RH) 2. Leave not due (LND)

3. Child Care Leave (CCL)

4. Paternity Leave (PL)

5. EXOL (With and Without Medical Certificate)

6. Commuted Leave (With and Without Medical Certificate)

7.Half Pay Leave (HPL)

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For Example: If an official preceded on Earn leave (EL) / Commuted Leave / Half Pay Leave (HPL), and EXOL with Medical certificate from first July of the Year, he will get his increment, after period of the leave, on the date of rejoining. On 1th July of that year, suppose he processed 45 days of any kind of leave, he will get his increment only on 15th August of that Year. Therefore, it is advisable to be on duty on 1st July, and to proceed on Leave, after 1st July of any year.

From the below illustration, if an employee was on EL for 45 days from 11-06-2015 to 25-07-2015 and reported to duty on 26-07-2015, increment will be drawn as follows:

From 11-06-2015 to 25-07-2015 → pay and allowances will be drawn @Rs.10000+2400 =12400 as leave salary

From 26-07-2015 to 31-07-2015 → pay and allowances will be drawn @ Rs.10380+ 2400=Rs.12780 (by adding due increment of 3% after return from leave)

For services rendered for 6 months of qualifying service in a post, between the period from 1st July of previous year and 30th June of the current year, i.e from the date of last drawl of increment in the previous year, Increment can be drawn on 1st July.

i. Effect of dies non period and EXOL without Medical Certificate

Period’s dies non, and availed EXOL without medical Certificate, those periods could not be counted as eligible qualifying service for getting increment, as per rules. Therefore, staff are advised to avail EXOL with on Medical Certificate only, as much as possible up to the limited period of 6 months, if not, they will lose increment as on 1st July, and they are able to get their next increment only on 1st July of Next Year. Therefore, all officials joining newly or promoted to higher posts, should avail EXOL on Medical Certificate (or) should not be absent without sanction off leave by the leave sanctioning authority so as to avoid avoiding dies non for the period 1st January to 30th June of that year.