Certificate to be ready while attending the district transfer camp

Certificate to be ready while attending the district transfer camp.

Certificate for JILLAFER BADALI Camp 2021

 Hence the certificate is issued that 1,141 Makar Ba owned by the District Parmik Education Committee here.www.happytobelptech.in education site visit for more info.

 Their demand and taluka kori kard are finally given the following detail certificate.

noted by the school's Ra Radar Bikini Sevapothim Birthdate

Date of admission to Raw Hald's school

Department of Religious Upper Primary

 Applicant special type fugarima thi hai world foot Read on, of course, whether it comes in pani or not

 So show the details about it and according to the circular To present with this Evidence

 Tuck Strong Shik is not currently on duty suspension and the Coke departmental investigation against him is ongoing. 

 Yes, there is a need to form a panchayat or government against Muzaffar Shikshak.

 10 Text teacher Shri has completed five years of curry in Arena district.  1 text karthi has not taken any advantage of district change before Shri

 12 Makar Sami has taken any advantage of Batakram in the recruitment of educational assistants.  Text Rak ...... Permission to be present in the camp of 2021 in the district is coming.

 18: The text is below the current remarks of Sik for the last three years.

 Taluka Primary Education Officer Taluka Panchayat Office

District Primary Returning Officer District Panchayat Cory, Halankar

 Certificate to be issued for replacement in case of husband as per resolution no.

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 .  Employee's full name .......

 .  birth date.

 Date of entry in Co.

 .  Call limit entry date

 Office name and address

 Taluka.  Telephone number

 The source of the salary

 Ma Pura Salary Fixed Salary W: Salary Standard Basic);

 If you have a salary, you have to pay a regular salary standard

 That the world is eligible to be included in the fixed salary after the year of the oath

 Curry 2.  Retirement is yours

 The above certificate was issued by Mr. Mrs. Saathi to his concubine Mrs.

 Remove.  ---- Office 4: Taluka in school.  Tunsar of replacement is given.



 Signature of the head of Corey's organization.  The name of the fisherman

Office Institutions Mo.

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