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Matter of giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8.

Matter of giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8.

 No .: CERT, syllabus / 2020-21
 Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training,
 Vidhabhavan, Earler, Gandhinagar,

 Date: 7/08/2011

 District Education Officer Shri
 District Primary Education Officer Shri


 Subject: - Matter of giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8.
 Reference 1: Letter No. PRE / 112021/15 / K of Gujarat Government Education Department
 Ta.  16/04/2021
 2. Single file number of the office here: 2/2021 Dt.  07-04-2021


 As you are well aware, due to Covid-19 during the current academic year 2020-21,
There has been very little formal evaluation of the actual teaching function and methodology. The matter
Taking this into consideration, the state government has decided to give mass promotion to the students as per reference-1.
Through various mediums under Home Learning so that students can learn at home
The teachers also undertook teaching work as well as informal assessment work

Therefore, the following instructions regarding the result sheet of the students under reference-1 are requested to be taken into consideration.

1. ‘Class’ against the name of the student in the result sheet (D2 and 24) of the students in standard 1 and 2
Promotion - No need to show other details.

2. Outcome sheet based on constructive assessment done mainly by the teacher in Std. 8th to 8th
To prepare. This is done informally by the teacher under Home Learning
Assessment as well as periodic tests conducted during the year etc. can be relied upon.

In Std. 6th to 8th, the details should be shown in the form-wise constructive evaluation form A, so that everyone
The student will be assessed 40 + 40 M 80 marks. In addition, Home Learning during the year

Multiplying out of 20 marks at the end of the year considering the participation of the internal student. thus
Each student will be multiplied by 100 marks.

3. Form B is not required to be filled in Std. 6 to 8.

4. Format Evaluation 40 marks in the first session in the form, Creative Evaluation in the second session
40 marks and 20 marks of student participation to be displayed in the self-assessment box.

5. 40 marks of constructive assessment in Hindi and English subject in Std. 4 only in the second semester
And 20 marks of student participation were obtained and multiplying from 60 marks per subject


Matter of giving mass promotion in standard 1 to 8.


ધોરણ 1 થી 8 માસ પ્રમોશન આપવા બાબત 22-04-2021

 Grade should be shown in the progress sheet of standard 3 to 7.  Marks in the progress sheet of standard 8 and
 The grade must show both.


 8. If any student of Std. 1 to 8 is not involved in the teaching process or assessment
 Demonstrate “Class Promotion” in the student's marksheet.  There is no need to multiply.


 9, in the students' ‘Comprehensive Development Collected Progress Form E’ for this year which is the standard-
 The subject teacher should show only academic matters.  Student attendance and physical development etc.
 There is no need to show things.
 10. As per the circular shown in reference-1, also to the students of Std-5 and Std-8, their
 Class promotions will have to be given regardless of the result.
 Thank you co
 Copy courtesy: -
 Respect.  Front Secretary, Primary Education, Gandhinagar
 પ્રોજેક્ટ State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Gandhinagar
 Copy to :
 • Principal, District Education and Training Bhavan, all

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