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All types of offices To keep up to 50% or to ensure that employees come on duty on Alternative Day.

All types of offices To keep up to 50% or to ensure that employees come on duty on Alternative Day.


No. Shikshan / Shi. Mahakam / Vashi / 2-21
 District Education Committee, near Borsad Chokdi
 District Panchayat, Anand.
 Ta.  12/02/2021
 Reading: -


Office of the Director of Primary Education
 Block No: -17 / 1, Rda.  Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar
 Letter No .: Prashini / Compilation / 3031 / 2-20
 Ta.  1/02/2081

 District Primary Education Officer, (All),
 Govt., (All)
 Subject: - Guide decided by the Government due to Novel Corona Virus (coVID-19)
 Matter of fo

Fllowing the line.
 Reference: - 1.  Order No. of Home Department: - V-1 / Kavi / 102050/2, Dt. 05/09/2021
 .  Order No. of Home Department: - V-1 / Kavi / 102010/2, dated 17/06/2021
 Regarding the above topic and reference, it should be mentioned that the novel Corona virus (COVID-19) is WHO.

Has declared a global epidemic.  Which was investigated by the Home Department of the State Government
 Guidelines as per order-1 and 2 shown in the context have been announced.  His research is different
 There are different situations of covid-19 in the district and corporations
 Mu related to the area.  In pursuance of the declaration referenced by the Collector and at the district level by the Collector

Teachers in all the primary schools under your jurisdiction as per the instructions issued
 You are asked to make the necessary decision from your level regarding attendance and to inform the relatives.
 Director of Joint Education
 Office of the Director of Primary Education
 G.R.  Gandhinagar


નિયામક ઓફિશિયલ પરિપત્ર 15/04/2021



 1.  Deputy Secretary, Home Department, Gandhinagar Order No.  V-1 / KA / 102010/2, Dt.  12/02/2071
 .  Additional District Magistrate Shri Anand's Order No. PL / 2 / Manifesto / SR / 2/309 1 Dt.  12/06/207 1.
 .  Date of the office here.  Order on note dated 17/06/2021.

Order: - The novel corona virus (coVID-19) has been declared a global epidemic by the WHO.  In this regard
 Instructions as well as guidelines have been issued from time to time by the Central Government and the State Government.  Introduction (1) and
 Number of employees in government, semi-government, board, corporation and all types of private offices
 To keep up to 50% or to ensure that employees come on duty on Alternative Day.

 As per the order received from Introduction (2), in the primary schools in Anand district, from the office here to another
 To keep the attendance of teachers in schools up to 50% till the instruction is given and Alternative Day is the staff
 Order to make arrangements to come on duty and the rest of the teachers to arrange online education sitting at home Is performed.

 Admission of patients in schools where Kovid care centers have been set up for Kovid patients.
 Since then, teachers who have not been ordered to work at the Covid Care Center have been sitting at home online.
 The system of education has to be ensured.
 In addition, if the government needs emergency staff in special circumstances, all teachers should immediately


Mandatory attendance.
 District Primary Education Officer
 District Panchayat, Anand


Headmaster, All Primary Schools, District: Information towards Anand and strict implementation.
 Copy sent:
 (1) Taluka Primary Education Officer, Taluka Panchayat, All Districts: Information and implementation to Anand.

(2) Beat Inspector, All, District: Information and implementation towards Anand is good.

(3) BRC, all, District: Good information and implementation towards Anand.
 Compliments copy sent:

 (1) Respect.  President District Panchayat, Anand

(2) Respect.  District Development Officer, District Panchayat, Anand

 (2) Respect.  Chairman, District Education Committee, District Panchayat, Anand





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