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About taking preventive measures against corona virus.

About taking preventive measures against corona virus.


There is no evidence that remedivir can reduce the mortality rate of covid patients


 Subject: - About taking preventive measures against corona virus.
 5th 5th
 Hence, this circular informs the heads of state government offices in Kutch district


The novel Corona virus, which was declared a global epidemic by the WHO
 There are periodic instructions from the Central Government and the State Government in this regard as well
 Guidelines have been issued to look into the current rise in Corona cases in the state and the country
 Found.  Corona's situation to be overcome and remedied by the administration in these circumstances
 The operation is in full swing.  And all the administration is engaged in operations.  Such as
 Considering the circumstances, all the officers / employees of the district on 16/4/2021 and
 No one should leave the headquarters on public holidays on 16/4/2021.  From this circular
 Is stated.  


Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action against the concerned officer / employee
 Action will be taken to take clear note of this.



 Regarding the use of Ramdasivir
 Necessary guidance
 The World Health Organization (WHO) says ...
 There is no evidence that remedivir can reduce the mortality rate of covid patients.

 That is, the need for a ventilator can be reduced, or the treatment time in the hospital can be reduced
 Can be.  Not only does it affect the viral clearance of Ramdasivir
 It is also uncertain ...
 AIIMS: All India Institute of Medical Sciences says ...


        Remedivir is only for patients with moderate to severe corona
 Can be used.  Ramdasivir is not advisable in general symptoms.
 What is the advice of expert doctors regarding the use of Ramdasivir?
 Patients with no symptoms or general symptoms of corona
 It is not advisable to give remedivir,
 If the patient's oxygen content is less than 5% ...

 The patient still has a high fever after three-four days of medication treatment
 When the amount of C-reactive protein (CRP) is increased ...
 સતત When there is constant diarrhea with weakness ...

 When you feel tired or short of breath even in normal activity ...
 When the speed of breathing increases (if it exceeds 2 per minute) ...
  When you are over 30 years old and have increased CRP, d-dimer, ferritin due to corona ...
 At first x-ray is normal but later when ground-glass opacity appears in the lungs ...

 When NLR with Lymphopenia is> 3.5 ...
 A specialist in infectious diseases, a specialist in respiratory medicine in special cases, with reasonable justification.
 Remedivir is given only after the opinion of a physician or pediatrician.
 Can be.
 "Ramdesivir in front of people for fear of Corona
 Please do not insist on taking!
 - Dr. Tejas Patel, Cardiologist
 Remedivir is not a life-saving drug,
 So there is no need to run after the medicine.  ”
 - Dr.  Atul Patel, Chaperologist
 The state government will take strict action against the collection or black marketeering elements of Remedivir ejection.
 Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Gujarat


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