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RE OPEN SCHOOL LATEST NEWS UPDATE bhupendra sinh chudasama

RE OPEN SCHOOL LATEST NEWS UPDATE bhupendra sinh chudasama


Their exams will be based on the online syllabus taught


The government has refused to give mass promotions in primary schools. Reports for mass promotions came in the media that primary schools in the state have not yet started physically amidst the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that it had no plans to give mass promotions to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said, "Examinations will be held before promoting students in the next academic class."

He further said, 'Std. Students of 1st to 8th and 9th as well as 11th standard will be examined and their examinations will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. "If the entire syllabus could not be taught online due to the Koro epidemic, the syllabus will be taken on the basis of the number of syllabi taught to the students," Chudasama told our correspondent Times of India.

This time the program changed because of Corona

The Gujarat government wants to prolong the academic session after Diwali. Under normal circumstances the first session starts in the month of June and lasts for 105 days. The session ends with a 21-day Diwali vacation. Usually the 21-day vacation starts two-three days before Diwali and ends around Devadivali, but this time the schedule has changed due to Corona.
Because of this, students will have to go to school even in the heat of May-June. Normally, the board exams for Std 10 and Std 12 are held in March, May next year, while the annual exams for other standards, which were held in April, may also be held in June 2021.

The second session can be as long as 50 days


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The 21-day Diwali vacation has started in schools across the state. As a result, the government may start schools after Diwali and extend the second term by 50 days as the school did not resume in the first academic session this time.

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