4200 darkhast BHARATI 2010-11 babat satalpur patan

4200 darkhast  BHARATI 2010-11 babat satalpur patan

It remains to be seen if the questions are not limited to just verifying the information. There are also different types of mains. There are types of essay progression, language comprehension, logic analysis, comparative etc. which can make a self-assessment of the child.

It remains to be seen whether all these shortcomings can be tested over time. Education for special groups: - Children who differ from normal children due to physical disabilities or mental retardation such as visually impaired, hearing impaired, slow learners, disabled and talented bright students. Such students should not be separated from the school-students, but should be given more attention in the classroom.

There are different arrangements for such children when they are severely handicapped (except bright), but such children with normal level of disability should be kept in the mainstream and educated. The department is to develop supplementary materials, educational materials and assessment techniques for such children, Curriculum and Textbook Analysis:

Curriculum Development: - Curriculum Development and Textbook Creation The needs of the underprivileged and special groups of children are not met, and they do not suit the social, economic, geographical conditions. The process of creating a sequence of lessons should be decentralized and include teachers, members of the community and others.

Sometimes curriculum and textbook reviews and suggestions are asked which is a good thing. Now such awareness is coming which is necessary. Textbook Analysis: - Five sequences and cut words in the textbook - sentences - excerpts, above the mental level of the children, time and resources to see if it can be taught. Supplementary literature can be developed in this section, corresponding to the Khadivasi area as well as the dialect of such area can be given a place as mentioned below.

Literature that can entertain and improve the quality of children can also be developed by this department. To develop teaching materials for special target groups, supplementary materials have to be prepared for teaching them. Care should be taken to ensure that the textbooks for such groups do not have any adverse effect or that their text is depressing.

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4200 darkhast BHARATI 2010-11 babat satalpur patan
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