Schools for Std. 9th to 12th will open from September 21, written approval of parents will be sought

Schools for Std. 9th to 12th will open from September 21, written approval of parents will be sought: 6 feet distance between two students: Class will run in phases

The function of online education remains the same

Schools and colleges have been closed for a long time due to the Corona epidemic. But now it is being considered for phased opening. According to the details received today, schools for standard 9 to 12 will be open from September 21. However the written approval of the guardians will be taken. And a distance of 6 feet will be kept between the two students. Conditions will be laid down with the school administrators to plan the phases accordingly. There is also information that the government has prepared an SOP in this regard. On the other hand, the functioning of online education will remain the same.

According to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the Union Ministry of Health, it is up to the students to decide whether to go to school or not. As well as the new guideline it will be mandatory to have a distance of at least 6 feet between the students in the school. It is also mandatory to wear face cover or mask. Students and teachers will not be allowed to go to school when the schools in the containment zone are open. The school will be able to call up a maximum of 50 per cent teaching and non-teaching staff for online teaching, tele-counseling and other related work. While pregnant and older teachers or staff cannot be called to the school.

Restrictions on activities such as student gatherings, assembly halls and sports will remain in place. And in order to be contacted in case of emergency, in addition to the state helpline number in the school, the number of local health officials will also have to be disclosed. Schools that used to be quarantine centers are also instructed to sanitize before starting. All schools have been asked to sanitize with a hydrochloride solution.

Schools for Std. 9th to 12th will open from September 21, written approval of parents will be sought



If the children go to school, he has to take care of these things

1. Must wear a face mask.

2. There must be a distance of 6 feet between two people.

3. Can't spit anywhere.

4. Take care of your health.

5. You will be asked to download the Health Bridge app where necessary.

6. Have to wash your hands after a while.

7. Hands should be washed even if they do not look dirty.

8. Permission to study online will continue, it will be encouraged.

9. Children will go to school of their own free will. But parents must consent in writing.

10. There will be strict restrictions on sports activity and assembly.

11. If AC is on, its temperature will be between 24 to 30.

12. Maintain humidity level 40 to 70 percent in AC.

13. Only schools outside the containment zone will be allowed to open.

14. Students, teachers and staff going to school must avoid going to the containment zone.

15. The gym can be used only on the basis of guidelines, but the swimming pool will be closed.

16. School management will be responsible for providing face masks, head sanitizers to teachers and staff.

17. The employee involved in cleaning should be given a thermal gun, disposable paper towel, soap, 1 per cent sodium hypocrite solution.

18. The arrangement of the pulse oximeter should be mandatory, so that the oxygen level of the anisotometric can be checked.

19. There should be a covered dustbin and proper disposal of waste.

20. Sweepers must be properly trained before being hired.

21. Students will not be able to exchange books, copy of study material, pencil, pen, water bottle.

22. At the time of practical, the student will go to different sections. Large numbers of students cannot be taken to the laboratory at the same time.

What will be the guideline for the school

Separate time slots will have to be arranged for students to study.
Can be studied outdoors instead of in the classroom
Online and distance learning have to be arranged
The school campus, classroom, laboratory, classrooms, bathrooms will have to be sanitized before the school is opened.

The school which was allotted as a quarantine center will have to be sanitized with extra care and caution.
50 per cent teaching and non-teaching staff can be called to the school for online teaching and tele-counseling.

Contactless attendance will have to be arranged for students instead of biometric attendance.
Marking should be done at a distance of 6 feet above the ground in a line. The arrangement will be on the inside and outside of the school.
People will not get admission

Students, teachers or staff from the quarantine zone cannot come to school
Symptomatic students will not be allowed to come to school.
If a student, teacher or employee is ill, they cannot be called to school under any circumstances
What to do in case of symptoms in students, teachers or staff

They will be isolated immediately. Where no one else will be allowed to go
Parents should be informed about this
He will be asked to wear a face cover until the doctor tests him
Contact the nearest hospital or state helpline immediately
The entire campus will be disinfected again.
Regular counseling will be given to students or teachers if they are suffering from stress or mental illness.

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