Gujarat Corona Virus Update 24-09-2020 officieel press.

Gujarat Corona Virus Update 24-09-2020 officieel press.

Corona virus is on the rise in India.  The number of corona patients has exceeded 4 lakh and is steadily increasing.  A lockdown has been announced in the fight against the corona virus in India.  Unlock-2 has been implemented in the country and will remain in force till June 30.  The government has announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore to help finance the lockdown.  The package amounts to 10 per cent of India's GDP.  The government says the economic package caters to all classes of people.

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The Corona virus epidemic has caused outcry all over the world, including India.  Lockdown has been implemented to prevent this fatal transition and has also been unlocked in stages.  However, the transmission of Corona virus in Unlock-3 has been increasing at an alarming rate since the release.  All updates related to Corona virus in Gujarat ...

 Corona virus status in the state of Gujarat on September 24, 2020

 More than 1400 new positive cases of Corona were reported in Gujarat
 1408 new covid positive cases were reported in the state on Thursday
 With today's new case, the number of Corona positive cases registered in the state so far has increased to 1,28,949.
 Corona's new ones across the country today

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Gujarat Corona Virus Update 24-09-2020 officieel press.
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