Manav Garima yojana form 2020 Tamam Mahiti Gujarati.

Manav Garima yojana form 2020 Tamam Mahiti Gujarati.

Manav Garima Yojana for providing self-employment in the form of self-employment to the Scheduled Caste persons. It has been decided to implement it through the office of caste welfare. Accordingly, with the implementation of the scheme, a total of 2120 beneficiaries have been given Rs. 31.50 crore has been provided under this scheme

Since the establishment of the State of Gujarat, the guiding principles and provisions of the Constitution for the welfare of the people of India have provided equal opportunities to all without any discrimination and special provision has been made for the development of the weaker sections of the nation. As shown in Article 9 of the Constitution, the weaker sections of the nation / society and especially Anu. The state will take special care to promote the educational purpose of the castes and the Scheduled Tribes. Accordingly, in the state of Gujarat. The Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare Department is carrying out various schemes for the holistic development of castes.

Human Dignity Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

Assistance in the form of tool kits is provided to Scheduled Castes who want to start a small business to get self-employment without taking a bank loan.

Ismo of Scheduled Tribes can get self-employment.  They are given tool kits / tools as per the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria:

Annual income limit of ISM family of Scheduled Tribes is Rs. 5,000 / - in rural area and Rs.  5,000 / -

Scheme Benefits / Assistance:

Toolkits / tools are provided by Grimco Gandhinagar to the people of Anu tribe for various types of business.

Manav Garima yojana form 2020 Tamam Mahiti Gujarati.

Income limit

Rs.2,000 / - per annum for rural area Rs.2,000 / - per annum for urban area

The standard of assistance

Assistance is provided in the form of tools / tool kits under the Human Dignity Scheme.  Implementation of this scheme  From 1/4/2018 through Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.


The application has to be submitted in the prescribed form in the office of the Assistant Commissioner / Tribal Development of the district along with documentary evidence. Toolkits are given to the beneficiaries as per the rules on the basis of the document.

Security bond scheme


In case of accidental death and total disability Rs.  3 lakh insurance cover and the purpose of this scheme is a kind of life insurance policy.  In which Rs. 2 lakhs will be paid to the heirs / family members of the insured against death due to any reason.


Eligibility to join Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Vima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Vima Yojana.


Under this scheme 03 schemes have been connected

Manav Garima yojana form 2020 Tamam Mahiti Gujarati.

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Manav Garima yojana form 2020 Tamam Mahiti Gujarati.
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