CBSE Std-10 exam canceled, Std-12 students will get option


CBSE Std-10 exam canceled, Std-12 students will get option.

What did the Supreme Court say?
BS CBSE issues notification regarding Std. 12 examination.

• Currently given the option of giving internal assessment and then remaining papers.

તારીખ State the date of declaration of result.

કેન્દ્ર The Center clarifies the position on how the examination will be conducted in the State Board.

The Supreme Court will hear again at 10.30am on Friday.

What next after CBSE decision? What option does the student have?

Internal Assessment
The government has told the apex court that if children cannot submit their outstanding Std 10 and 12 papers, the assessment of such students will be based on their three-year examination under the new scheme.

Exam option also open
The student can also choose to take the exam later, which will help him improve his result. The Solicitor General told the Supreme Court that if the situation improves, Std. 12 students will be able to submit their remaining papers. However, the apex court told the government that the prospects for improving the situation vary from state to state. Will the central government see it or the state government?

New Academic Year and Admission
During the hearing, the Supreme Court asked when the new academic year would begin, it should be clear. If the exam is held in August, the academic year should start in September. In this regard, CBSE has stated that we will announce the result as soon as possible. It is hoped that the results will be announced this month. Students will be able to apply for admission based on the assessment.

29 subjects were left to be examined
• Examination of 29 subjects was pending. In North-East Delhi, Std. 6 subject examinations of 10 students were pending. The exam was canceled due to violence in Delhi.

• Std.12 examination was to be held between 1st to 15th July. There were 12 Std. 12 subject examinations pending across the country. In North East Delhi, in addition to these 12, 11 other major subjects were pending examination.


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