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Std 7 science quiz play online for all student

Std 7 science quiz play online for all student

As part of improving quality of education across all 55,000 Government,  Grant in aid and Self Finance Schools affiliated to Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board (GSHSEB),  the State Government today made some significant decisions to be implemented from next Academic
Year 2020-21.

1. All Schools affiliated to GSHSEB and Director,  Primary Education to compulsorily follow the NCERT Textbooks issued through the State
Textbook Board.

2. All the above Schools to follow a common system of Academic Calendar and Curriculum Timetable.

3. All the above Schools will follow Centralized Assessment for Sessional Exams in October and Annual Exams in March every year and Periodic Formative Exams across all Grades from 3 - 12 to be conducted by GSHSEB and GCERT

4. There will be considerable cross-learning between Teachers of Government and Self Finance Schools so that they can benefit from each others' best practices

5. GCERT and DIETs will extend all Academic and Pedagogical Support to Teachers of Self-finance Schools, particularly in Foundational Learning. 

6. These Centralized Assessments will help in tracking the academic progress of every child in the State through Online Dataentry of Results monitored by CCC and this would help in ensuring that children achieve Grade-Appropriate Learning Outcomes and Higher Order Thinking Skills.

7.  This will strengthen School Education in Gujarat and give our students competitive edge in national level exams like JEE, NEET etc and help them be prepared for international assessments like PISA by 2024.

Std 7 science quiz play online for all student

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