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Kusum Yojana: 10% (persent) the government will provide subsidy to farmers.

Kusum Yojana: 10% (persent) the government will provide subsidy to farmers.

What will benefit from this plan:

 In India, farmers face many problems in irrigation and due to more or less rainfall, farmers' crops are damaged.  Through the Central Government's Kusum scheme, farmers can irrigate their fields by installing solar power equipment and pumps in their land.  With the Kusum scheme, farmers can use solar power on their land and use it for agriculture.  The uninterrupted power supply can be started in the country village through the electricity generated on the farmer's land.

◆ Where the money will come from:

 Under the Kusum scheme, 10 per cent of the cost of the solar plant will be spent on the farmers.  30% of the money will be provided by the central government as subsidy.  30% of the money will be subsidized by the state government.  The remaining 30% of the farmers can get a loan from the bank.  The government will help in getting the loan.

◆ Digital pump is replaced in first step of Kusum:

 In the first phase of the Kusum scheme, only irrigation pumps of the farmers will be included which are currently running with diesel.  According to the government estimates, 17.5 lakh irrigation pumps will be operated with solar energy.  This will help curb diesel consumption and import of crude oil.

◆ Electricity Saving:

 The government believes that if solar energy is used in all irrigation pumps in the country, not only will electricity be saved, but 28 thousand MW of additional power can be generated.  In the next phase of the Kusum scheme, the government will allow farmers to generate solar energy by placing solar panels on their farms or on farms.  Under this scheme, a 10,000 MW solar power plant will be installed on poor land of farmers.
Under this scheme, people or organizations in the following categories can apply.

 ● The Farmers

 ● Cooperative Committee

 ● Panchayat

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Kusum Yojana: 10% (persent) the government will provide subsidy to farmers.

Aa Yojana ni tamam mahiti maate temaj samajan maate nicheni link par klik karo ane gujarati ma mahiti melvo... KUSUM Yojana ni mahiti melavava maate click karo.

Kusum Yojana: 10% (persent) the government will provide subsidy to farmers.

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