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૧ Name of the scheme / Type of Chiranjeevi scheme
3 Eligibility Criteria for the beneficiary of the scheme The delivery of maternity sisters of poverty line (BPL card) family and above poverty line (having an APL card) but not of income tax recruitment of scheduled caste families. The benefit is given to the sisters, who have the beneficiary with BPL. If the card is not available, they will have to obtain a certificate of income from the Talati Com Minister, Sarpanch, Mamlatdar, Chief Officer of their area.
Assistance / Benefits under the Scheme Under this scheme, maternity sisters can deliver free of cost to the private clinics set up by the government. The delivery attendant at the hospital does not have to pay any money at the hospital. Not only that, the drugs required for treatment will also be given by the Radiator and also free of cost. Apart from this, the delivery will be paid by the doctor for Rs.
The method for availing the scheme is to fill out the form to avail the scheme and along with the required documentation such as BPL. A copy of a card or an example of income is to be placed.
Where will the benefits of the scheme come from? There are private gynecologists involved in Chiranjeevi scheme in the district.
Outline of the scheme:
The plan is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. A "Chiranjeevi" scheme has been implemented to address the problems related to childbirth. The scheme is for women living below the poverty line.

Who can get help? Family living under poverty line
Available assistanceIn this, the beneficiary will get Rs. 1 / - for transportation of delivery as well as Rs. 1 / - delivery
Come along to the next midwife or assistant.
Evidence of supportCopy of ration car. BPL Proof of bein Golden jubilee card
Where to Apply
Contact local Anganwadi center.
Application Form: Apply in the prescribed application form.
Ann Name of the scheme Chiranjeevi Yojana When did the plan begin October 1? The purpose of the scheme is a plan implemented to protect mothers and children. Prevent pregnancy and maternity during pregnancy.
Prevent infant deaths during childbirth and during the first week.
Information about the scheme The Chiranjeevi Yojana is implemented to supplement the state government's approach to reduce maternal mortality and child mortality rates in the state. BPL provides evidence of beneficiary living below poverty line (Below Poverty Line) Card has to be shown. Describe who can get the benefits of the scheme and who should get it. Under this scheme, the delivery mother will receive free delivery and inquiry services in the private hospital.
Under the scheme, the delivery mother will be given Rs. 2 / - for urban extension of vehicle rental and Rs. Assistant (Trainee Dayan, Anganwadi worker or her relative) who goes with the delivery mother will be given cash at the hospital for Rs. Qualification for the beneficiary of the scheme BPL provides evidence that the beneficiary is living below the poverty line. (Below Poverty Line) Card has to be shown. Or there is a letter of benefit on the basis of certificate of income.





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