Mukhya mantri amrutam yojana and Maa Vatslya Yojana All Details In Gujarati Must see.

Mukhya mantri amrutam yojana and Maa Vatslya Yojana All Details In Gujarati Must see.

Who knows how, where and how to get the benefits of CM Amritam "Ma" and "Ma Vatsalya" scheme
This was the core of the plan
Echo can benefit from the scheme
Invalid hospital list
Where to find the card
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Families living below the poverty line, as well as middle class families, use the bulk of their income to cure acute illness.  Due to which families living below the poverty line and middle class families have to pay money to the government against the dire suffering.
From this, the beneficiaries get cashless treatment for acute diseases, a high quality medical treatment and financial assistance against high medical expenses, implemented by CM Amritam Yojana Taluka Jala for families living below the poverty line in every district of Gujarat.  Built
Considering the success of this scheme, the state government has increased the spread of the Chief Minister Amritam Yojana in the year 6-8, for the middle class families earning Rs.  Implemented from / 1/2.

Holders of "mother" as well as "mother annuity" cardholders can benefit from the cost of prescribed treatment by visiting a recognized hospital.  Chief Minister Amritam 'Ma Vatsalya' Scheme, which is based on the scheme Health Insurance, which does not include any other insurance company.
The scheme also includes those with UV card from Year 1 to below.  Up to a maximum of Rs. 1,3,3 per family can receive cashless treatment for serious diseases.  Up to five people in the family are eligible to benefit from the family head, wife and three dependents.  The new baby is included in the scheme as the sixth member.
Under this scheme, beneficiaries are paid Rs. 5 for the cost of visiting the hospital for treatment.  Families of beneficiaries for severe diseases are stricken under "Ma" as well as "Ma Vasalya" scheme, total number of diseases like heart disease, severe kidney disease, severe brain injury, serious infectious diseases of newborns, cancer.  The best treatment for up to 3 procedures is provided here.

Under the Chief Minister's Amritam Yojana, every 5 districts in the state of Gujarat have been covered under the poverty line. About 1.5 lakh families are living below the poverty line.  The middle class families who receive it have been covered. "An annual maximum of Rs.  Is.
After receiving the example of income, take the family members to the nearest Taluka kiosk office and register the five members of the family and get the "Matsyasalya" card.  How to get the benefits of a "mother" plan?  If your name is on the BPL list, take your family members to visit the nearest Taluka Kiosk and then register the five family members and get the "Mother" card.
According to a list of the "main" hospitals eligible for assistance under CM Amritam "Ma" and Ma "Vatsalya" scheme...

All Hospital List Here

     Rana Super Spa. Hospital Ahmedabad.  Narayan Hadaya Pvt
     HCG Cancer Center Sola Ahmedabad, Body Line Hospital Ahmedabad
     Rajasthan Hospital Ahmedabad, Pushpa Children's Hospital Ahmedabad
     HCG Multi Sp.  Hospital Ahmedabad, Medlink Hospital Ahmedabad
     GCS Medical College Ahmedabad, Sanjeevani Super Spa Hospital Ahmedabad
     Jaydeep Hospital Ahmedabad, Parekh Hospital Ahmedabad
     Krishna Shelby Hospital Ahmedabad
     Gujarat Cancer and Research Center Ahmedabad
     Kidney Dia.And Research Center Ahmedabad
     Civil Hospital Ahmedabad
     UNHAT Cardiology Ahmedabad
     Sheth VS General Hospital Ahmedabad
     L.G Municipal Hospital Ahmedabad Hospital Ahmedabad
     General Hospital Sola Ahmedabad
     Spin Institute & Hospital Ahmedabad

   Krishna Hospital Anand
     M.M Parikh Kardi.Care Center Anand / Khambhat
     Hanumant Hospital Bhavnagar
     HCG Hospital Bhavnagar
     Bhavnagar Civil Hospital Bhavnagar
     Gujarat Adani Hospital Bhuj
     Sterling Ramakrishna Hospital Gandhinagar
     Goenka Hospital Gandhinagar
     GMERS Medical College Hospital Gandhinagar
     Guru Govind Singh General Hospital Jamnagar
     Love form lord multi hospital Kalol
     Open a DDMM Card Institute
     AIMS Hospital Kutch
Ba Cancer Hospital Navsari
     Orange Hospital Navsari
     YESHA Super Spa Hospital Navsari
     Yashkin Hospital Navsari
  Fitness Multi-Spa. Hospital Palanpur
Patan Janata Hospital Patan
  Sling & Life India Ltd. Rajkot
     B T Savani Kidney Hospital Rajkot
     Mr. Satya Sai Heart Hospital Rajkot
     Krishna Multi Spa.Hospital Rajkot
     NP Cancer Hospital Rajkot
     Unicare Hospital Rajkot
     H J Doshi Hospital Rajkot
     Civil Hospital Rajkot
Medistar Hospital Pvt.  Banaskantha
  India Cancer Hospital Surat
     Shri BD Mehta Mahavir Heart Institute Surat
     Prabhu General Hospital Surat
     PP Sawani Heart Ins and Multi Hospital Surat
     Sita Super Special Hospital Surat
     Life Line Hospital Surat
     Lyons Hospital Surat
     The True Children's Hospital Surat
     Unicare Hospital Surat
     Wockhardt Hospital Surat
     Surat Muni Corpo Madi College And Hospital Surat
     Civil Hospital Surat
  Shreeji Hospital & Trauma Center Vadodara
     Sterling & Life India Ltd. Vadodara
     Dheeraj Hospital and Sumandeep Vidyapeeth Vadodara
     Bankers Heart Institute Vadodara
     Baroda Heart Institute & Research Center Vadodara
     Muni Seva Ashram Vadodara
     Premdas Jalaram Hospital Vadodara
     Himalaya Cancer Hospital Vadodara
     Virok Super Spa. Hospital Vadodara
     Parul Sevaram Hospital, Vadodara
     Rhythm Hospital Vadodara
     Nanak Super Spa. Hospital Vadodara
     Metro Hospital Vadodara
     SCHVIJK Hospital Vadodara
     Bankers Heart & Multi Spa. Hospital Vadodara
     SSG Civil Hospital Vadodara
     GMERS Medical Valsad Vadodara
   Nadcar Hospital Valsad
     GMERS Hospital Valsad Valsad
Mukhyamantri amrutam yojana and Maa Vatslya Yojana All Details In Gujarati Must see.

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Mukhya mantri amrutam yojana and Maa Vatslya Yojana All Details In Gujarati Must see.
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