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UPSC spipa exam post poned havey rain

UPSC spipa  exam post poned havey rain 2/08/2019.

The Modi government looks aggressive on Article 35-A in Kashmir, and recently Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley once again targeted former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on the Kashmir issue.

Jaitley said that Article 35-A for Jammu and Kashmir is constitutionally flawed and impeding the economic development of the state.

Arun Jaitley has written a blog titled 'Law and Jammu and Kashmir'.  In which he writes that India is facing many questions about the seven-decade history of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jaitley writes that most Indians believe that Nehru's move in Kashmir was a 'historic mistake'.

Jaitley has questioned whether our policies should be applied in the guise of a flawed point of view or a basic fact?

Jaitley has also written about the background of Article 35-A applicable in Jammu and Kashmir.  According to Article 35-A, a person outside Jammu and Kashmir cannot buy property there.

Jaitley writes that this paragraph was 'secretly' incorporated into the Constitution through a special notice issued by the President in 1954.

In India, the instrument of accession is considered as a legal document for the destruction of Jammu and Kashmir.

Following the announcement of the partition of India on June 3, 1947, the monarchic states were deciding whom to go with.

Jammu and Kashmir was unclear at that time.  On August 12, 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu and Kashmir signed a 'standstill agreement' with India and Pakistan.

The standstill agreement meant that Maharaja Hari Singh decided that Jammu and Kashmir would be independent.  It will not be involved in either India or Pakistan.

Pakistan did not respect this agreement even after accepting the agreement and attacked them.

Maharaja Hari Singh signed 'The Instrument of Extension' on October 26, 1947, against the compulsion in Pakistan.

The Instrument of Accession mentions that Jammu and Kashmir will be part of India but it will have special autonomy.

It clearly states that the Government of India can make rules for it only by taking security, foreign affairs and the media.

Article 35-A came in 1954 following the President's order.  This was the front link to 'The Instrument of Extension'.

Due to 'The Instrument of Accession', the Government of India was granted limited rights for any kind of intervention in Jammu and Kashmir.

Senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan mentioned in an article in The Hindu that this is why Article 370 was implemented.

The most important are land, land rights and state living.  Prashant Bhushan says Article 35-A is the only way for the Indian government to interfere with the conditions in Jammu and Kashmir.

It has also been said that the general powers of Parliament and the Constitution will not be applicable in Jammu and Kashmir.

There is a law in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand that no outsider can buy limited land.

Prashant Bhushan believes that these laws of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are completely unconstitutional and violate the fundamental right to live in any part of the country.

Prashant Bhushan writes in his article that Jammu and Kashmir was incorporated in India on this condition, and therefore it cannot be challenged with the charge of fundamental rights and the structure of the constitution.

India's limited intervention in Jammu and Kashmir is part of India's constitution.

Prashant Bhushan believes that Jammu and Kashmir has never been completely wiped out in India and is a semi-autonomous state.  This is not like other states of India.

Article 35-A complies with 'The Instrument of Accession' and guarantees that the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir is not restricted.

About 3 km from Ahmedabad, in the middle of the colony, the ancient city of Eder lies in the foothills of the hills of Aravalli mountain. According to the Puranas mentioned here, two Asuras named Ilvan and Vatayi were tortured so that the aggrieved sage cursed both the Asuras.  Destroyed.  During this time this land became known as "Elvabhumi".  During the reign of different King Au, there were hills, hills, which are similar to the fort for the rule of the state.

UPSC spipa  exam post poned havey rain 2/08/2019.

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