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Loksabha Election Staff ne Bonus ni Jaherat

Loksabha Election Staff ne Bonus ni Jaherat

Loksabha Election Staff ne Bonus ni Jaherat
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New Delhi: ISRO scientists have succeeded in replacing Chandrayaan-2 for the second time on Friday.  ISRO said that Chandrayaan-2 has been flown to the upper reaches of the earth at 1.08 pm.  For the first time on July 24, at 2.52 pm, the plane was first replaced.
According to ISRO, Chandrayaan-2's propulsion system was turned on for approximately 883 seconds.  In the meantime, the plane changed orbit to 54,829 km above Earth.  In the next 10 days, Chandrayaan-2's level was changed three times.  This caused the vessel to reach an orbit approximately 1,43,953 km away.  Each time the level changes, the energy of Chandrayaan-2 will increase.  In the end it will change the Earth's orbit and move towards the Moon

Chandrayaan-2 was launched on Monday (July 22) at 2.43 pm from the Satish Dhawan spacecraft center of Sri Harikota.  Just 17 minutes after launch, the aircraft successfully reached Earth's orbit.  According to ISRO, Chandrayaan's pace is now normal.
Chandrayaan-2 will leave Earth's orbit on August 14th
ISRO chairman K  Sivan said that during the next two-and-a-half months, two important tests will be performed during the Chandrayaan-2 near the moon.  The next process to change the status of Chandrayaan-2 will now be on July 29.  Then on August 2 and August 6, the vessel will be sent to the upper level once again.  Chandrayaan 2 will orbit the last orbit of the Earth for approximately eight days. Then it will exit on August 14 and move towards the Moon's orbit.

Bengaluru: BJP state president BS Karnataka on the third day after the Congress-GDS government collapsed in Karnataka.  Yeddyurappa becomes CM.  Governor Vajubhai Wala administered the oath of office to him at Raj Bhavan.  For the fourth time, 76-year-old Yeddyurappa has become the Chief Minister of Karnataka.  He has to prove a majority on July 31.  No other minister was sworn in with him today.
In 2008, 3 years and 66 days

It is noteworthy that Yeddyurappa has been CM three times but once he could not complete the tenure.  In 2007 he held only 7 days, then became CM in 2008 for 3 years and 66 days.  He had to resign within three days of taking oath in 2018.  Yeddyurappa, who believed in astrology, changed the spelling of his name before the oath.  He added an 'D' to the name, added 'I', so now his name would be Yediyurappa instead of Yeddyurappa.
Absence of rebels required

The strength of the legislature is 225, including 16 rebels and one independant of the resigning coalition.  But the Speaker has saved 222 MLAs disqualifying the coalition's two and one independents.  On July 31, all MLAs will be present if 112 is required for a majority.  The BJP has the support of 106 MLAs with 105 and one Independent.  So if the 14 rebels refrain from action, the Yeddyi government can survive.
There was discussion with Shah and Nadda for the cabinet
A delegation of BJP leaders from Karnataka arrived in Delhi on Thursday to meet Home Minister Amit Shah and party's acting president JP Nadda to discuss the government's strategy.  Among them were senior leaders including BJP leader Jagdish Shetty and Arvind Limbavali.  After the discussion, these leaders said that the final decision to form the government would be taken by the central leadership.
Setting up a cabinet for Yeddyurappa is a challenge

Senior leaders, including BJP leaders Jagdish Shettar and Arvind Limbavali, met Amit Shah and party's acting president JP Nadda on Thursday.  The final decision on forming the government will be taken at a parliamentary board meeting.  Meanwhile, the biggest challenge for BS Yeddyurappa, who will become the Chief Minister, is to form a cabinet body.  According to reports, there are 56 legislators, including 15 rebels, who have won 3 or more elections.  Each of these people hopes that in the new government, they will be given a seat in the cabinet, or given a bigger role in the party.  But in Karnataka, there are only 34 positions, including the Chief Minister.  Supposedly, some senior people, including the Yeddyurappa rebels, could not be offended.
Three rebels were declared ineligible

Speaking of rebel lawmakers, the Speaker on Thursday evening disqualified three rebel lawmakers.  The Speaker declared these 3 MLAs ineligible for the tenure of the Legislative Assembly.  These legislators will be ineligible until the current legislative term ends, that is, until 2023.  Apart from the two rebel MLAs Ramesh Jarkiholi and Mahesh Kumaratli, who have been declared disqualified, there is one Independent MLA R Shankar.
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Loksabha Election Staff ne Bonus ni Jaherat

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