The police department will have 25 up-to-date improvements, including: Win-Off

The police department will have 25 up-to-date improvements, including: Win-Off

Instead of two shifts of 12 hours, 3 shifts of 8 hours will be promoted to women power: All the police officers of the state have sent the report.

Police reforms in Gujarat will be implemented soon.  Gujarat Police is going to implement 25 reforms soon.  Including the promotion of 'women power' and weekly leave of the police inspector to the following rank, including weekly leave.
The police department will have 25 up-to-date improvements, including: Win-Off
Gujarat Police Chief Shivanand Jha has issued a circular yesterday to all district police chiefs and police commissioners.  It includes the implementation of up to 25 improvements.  It is noteworthy that the DIG ATS Himanshu Shukal, Dipen Bhadran, Gandhinagar's SP  A committee comprising Mayur Chavda and DCP Bipin Ahir has suggested these improvements.

A 33-page report was submitted to the DPG on Tuesday.  Which has now been sent to top police officers across the state.  Shivanand Jha said that he has sent a circular to the top police officers to give his opinion on this report.  Police make some improvements to make police workforce more robust and more efficient.

In these improvements, gender equality has been encouraged.  This report recommends that women police personnel should also be given important responsibilities in police stations.  It has also been noted in this report that, till date, there has been a belief that women employees can not work well on important posts, but this is wrong.

There is also a case in the police reform that a small employee will be happy.  These improvements have been given to the inspectors to provide weekly leave for employees of the following ranks.  Holidays are usually confined to police personnel, which have a physical and psychological impact on employees at every stage.  Currently, employees do not get weekly leave and they have to work continuously.  Because of which they also experience strain.  This report has been suggested that the Station House Officer, SHO, will have to announce the date of any employee one day before.

It is also suggested to change the shift in the report.  A study of the Bureau of Police Research and Development says that instead of two shifts of 12 hours, 3 to 8 hours of shift should be kept.

It has been suggested in the report that SHO, ACP and DCPA should be updated in sensitive and crime prone areas.  Duty of attachment or deputation should be done after the approval of the Police Commissioner or the SP.  Enforcement of adequate staff in police outposts and outpost.  Most of the outposts and outposts are currently empty or locked.  No need to run messenger if the phone or wireless is working.  Armed Forces, including the State Reserve Police Force, should be used in police stations and should be given to them apart from Investigations.  If there are more than 100 serious crimes registered in police stations, then every additional 100 additional crime should be given additional 4 employees.

In the report it has been said that discrimination should not be discriminated against.  And the Survival Squad of each Police Station should be equipped with scientific knowledge.
The police department will have 25 up-to-date improvements, including: Win-Off

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