Practice Paper For CTET Exam DOWNLOAD HERE

Practice Paper For CTET Exam DOWNLOAD HERE

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1. Select from multiple answer sheet forms and sizes at Download and print as many copies as you wish. 

2. Within the ZipGrade app, press 'New Quiz' 

3. Press 'Edit 'Key'. Enter your answer key or scan an answer sheet acting as a key

4. Press 'Scan Papers' to start scanning papers:
Practice Paper For CTET Exam DOWNLOAD HERE
   * Hold paper on flat surface and align the 4 corner squares in the 4 viewfinders.

   * ZipGrade will automatically focus and identify when paper is readable.  

   * The app will vibrate when paper is graded and provide an instant summary (with links for more detail).  

   * No buttons to push, leaving your other hand free to turn to the next paper.

5. Review:

 * View actual images of scanned papers and make any manual corrections (ie student's crossout out inked circles) in 'Review Papers'

 * Get a view of how the entire class did in 'Item Analysis'.  Item Analysis includes a drill-through to see alternative answers and which students gave those answers.

 * Export results as PDF reports (to print and hand back or post) or CSV files to upload to your gradebook.

As a free download with a 100 scan demo, we'd like you to try ZipGrade to see if it is the right grading app for you.  If so, purchase additional time at any point as an in-app purchase.  Once purchased, use your subscription on any device you own by logging in with the same ZipGrade Cloud user.  Your data and subscription will sync between devices.  Many teachers like to scan with their phone, but review with their tablet or desktop computer.

Great for exit tickets, formative assessments, summative assessments, or regular quizzes.  By giving teachers the flexibility to grade papers instantly anywhere, ZipGrade provides immediate feedback on current knowledge and can be used to better focus lessons and assignments.  Replace your expensive Scantron machine with the technology you're carrying with you already.

We're diligently working to improve the product and need feedback from teachers like you.  Write with any feedback or suggestions.
Practice Paper For CTET Exam DOWNLOAD HERE
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Practice Paper For CTET Exam

For Download Click Here.
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Practice Paper For CTET Exam DOWNLOAD HERE
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