Provident Fund may be a product that helps salaried individuals to accumulate funds whereas they’re earning for the amount the financial gain flow stops. thus usually it’s not alleged to be withdrawn before its maturity and endanger one’s retirement. but there area unit circumstances once resorting to the money accumulated within theprovident fund account becomes inevitable and therefore is allowed by the law to be withdrawn part or absolutelyallow us to discuss the circumstances during which you’re allowed to withdraw the money from your Provident Fund.Earlier one was allowed to withdraw the total balance in provident fund account and shut it if remained pink-slipped incessantly for 2 month and shut the account. so as to assist one retain the account ANd meet expenses whereas remaining pink-slipped you’ll be able to currently create an application for withdrawal of seventy fifth of balance within the PR account if you’re with none employment for over one month.Withdrawal from provident fund account For purchase of land or construction or purchase of house or compensation of loan
Money from PF is withdrawn for purchase of land for construction of house upto twenty four months equivalent of your basic regular payment and expensiveness Allowance (DA). but if you would like to withdraw the month for purchase or construction of a house the eligibility goes upto thirty six moths equivalent of regular payment and D. A. but the withdrawal allowed cannot exceed the employee’s own contribution and interest accumulated thereonthe whole eligibility in each the cases cannot exceed value of the land or value of construction or price of the house. The assets ought to be purchased within the name of either the subscriber or spousal equivalent of the subscriber or conjointly by each.

It is not for purchasing the land or house that you simply area unit allowed to withdraw cash from PF howeverconjointly for compensation of your existing loan that you simply will resort to thatyou’ll be able to withdrawn upto ninetieth of your balance in PF account for repaying your loan outstanding given that a minimum of ten years contributions are created within the account and there’s a minimum balance of Rs. 20000/- within the PF account.

Likewise during a similar scenario wherever tho’ one remains engaged however has not received any salary/wages incessantly for two months for any reason aside from a strike, one is allowed to require advances against the balance in PF account. Likewise just in case of opposition or closure of the for over fifteen days and therefore theworker doesn’t receive any wages/salary, one will take advance against balance in PF account. whereas engagedwill take advance upto the number of own contribution and interest accumulated on such contribution. This facility is availed any time with none demand of completion of specific amount of employment.


Method 1. This method is very simple. But sometime this method don’t work for some accounts. So first of all go to your Gmail inbox through Gmail app or Browser. Then open a mail that is spam and you don’t want their mails again in your mail box. Now it will show you all message body. Now go to bottom of this mail and you will found an option.

Here in this option you will see text Unsubscribe Mail. Now you need to click on this text “Unsubscribe”. Now it will ask you to choose a browser if you are accessing it in mobile. Now choose browser. Now it will automatically stop mails from that site.
Method 2. You need to choose this option if you applied first method and it is not working for you. Now you need to open your Gmail account to access it. Now go to your inbox and open that mail you want to remove and stop spam mails. Now you will see three dot on the top right corner. Click on that and choose block this site option. Now it will block that site to send spam mails to your mail again permanently.

Conclusion :

So this is my meaningful article to stop spam mails in Gmail inbox. If you will follow our methods then you can definitely stop spam mails in Gmail Inbox. You know that you need to do secure your Gmail account so we have added these methods for you.

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