Hall Ticket for course 521-524 - PDPET (Bridge Course)exam center change

Hall Ticket for course 521-524 - PDPET (Bridge Course)exam center change

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Primary school means primary school is given.
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Education in Gujarat state or standard 1 to 8 standard is called primary education. Almost all villages have primary schools. There are schools for standard 1 to 8 education, class 1 to 4 vocational schools and girls 'education for girls' education. These schools are mostly operated by the district panchayat in rural areas, whereas these schools run by municipalities in urban areas. In some schools, spinning, agriculture-related subjects are also taught as industry education. Apart from this, primary schools run by private trusts or institutions also. Some primary schools are also run in English and other language media.

In order to provide adequate nutrition to the children, mid day meal scheme is run in primary schools, in which children are fed meals in the afternoon recess.

Primary education is the foundation of the development of every citizen who decides the country's future. Currently, India has made good progress in access to primary education, continuity in education, regular attendance and literacy, in which two-thirds of India's population is included. India's improved education system is considered to contribute to India's good economic development. But, along with the quality of elementary education in India is becoming very important.

Every child up to 14 years has a free and compulsory education, provision of the Constitution of India. Parliament has recently passed the law of education, which considers education as a fundamental right for a 6-14 year old child. The country is yet to achieve the goal of omnipresent primary education which means 100% of school admissions and continuing to keep the children in school through facilities and habitat. To provide this food, the government has started Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2001, which is the largest such program in the world.

In this area of ​​information technology, especially in rural India, ICT contributes significantly to what should be and what should not be done. The primary education department of the development agency contributes to the purpose of elementary education in India by providing multiple content sources.
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Hall Ticket for course 521-524 - PDPET (Bridge Course)exam center change

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Hall Ticket for course 521-524 - PDPET (Bridge Course)exam center change
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