Aajanu Rashifal 06 Feb 2019: Learn how your day will be

Aajanu Rashifal 06 Feb 2019: Learn how your day will be

1/12 Aries:

Today's day will pass through the pursuit of friends and social work, the expenses will be more today, today will be the meeting with new friends, which will benefit in the future. Success in government works will be achieved. News from abroad will be available and accidental money will be received. Travel is yoga.

2/12 Taurus:

Today is auspicious, today's day is beneficial for people in the profession, there is a promotion yoga. High officials will get support in the office Family happiness will be seen and friends will be happy to visit

3/12 Gemini:

Today you will experience laziness, you will not see enthusiasm in the work. Today, colleagues will see negative behavior. Money can be spent, concerns will arise with children, beware of opponents.

4/12 Cancer:

Today, negativity can be seen in today's mind, maintaining restraint in anger today, today your expenses will increase, keep in mind that there is no disagreement with family members. Do not start a new job today Avoid anti-government activities today.

5/12 Lion:

Disagreements can be found between husband and wife today, special care is given on health today. Today, some questions will cause sadness in mind, keep in mind that questions do not arise in the social field, keep in mind that there is no difference between partners, avoid the court.

6/12 Girls (Virgo):

Today, the probability of attainment in the field of professionalism is high; co-workers will get co-operation today, the experience of happiness in the family environment, the economic benefits today. The health of the sick people will improve, the opponents will be victorious.

7/12 Libra:

Today people will be impressed by the sweetness of your speech, today your nature will be seen as harmless. Today you can influence your discussions. Satisfaction will not satisfactorily result, go ahead and proceed in the work, interest in literature writing will increase.

8/12 Scorpio:

Maintain caution with today's affection, today mental anxiety can be seen. Mother's health may get worse. The riches will be damaged. Disagreements can be found in the family environment, lack of enthusiasm in the mind will not be enough to sleep.

9/12 (Sagittarius):

Today the opponents will be defeated, your health will look good today, today you can start new work. An enjoyable day will pass along with affection, spiritually there will be joy in life today, friends will meet with.

10/12 Capricorn:

Today, disagreements can be found with family members, false costs, health care, students will not be interested in study, planning for investment in shares. Spirituals will find peace today, Housewives will see dissatisfaction.

11/12 Aquarius:

Today, your day is economical, you will see an atmosphere of joy in the family, a happy day with friends, enjoy the journey. Prayer will eliminate ideological negativity.

12/12 Pisces:

Do not fall into the problem of court today, concentration of mind will be seen in all the tasks today, preserve health today. The event of self-discipline will be present. Disagreements with family members will be seen. Do not go to benefit today, take care of transactions today. Avoid an accident today

-Bijan Daruwala

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