EBC will apply after 1st February in the recruitment of the Central Government

EBC will apply after 1st February in the recruitment of the Central Government

EBC reservation is very much needed. I dont no condition of general cast people of Gujrat. But I can say about Bengali General Cast People. In Bengal a people is poor (Economically Backward) if his/her family income is less than ₹ 25,000. Most of the farmers has agricultural land less than 3acre that mean their earning is very low. This EBC reservation rule will not benifit EBC people but harm them most.

The Modi government has approved the proposal to reserve reservation in the Cabinet meeting today. Reserves will be available only for those seniors whose annual income is less than Rs 8 lakhs. Apart from this, the right of the reserves will be those who have land less than five acres.

Just before the Lok Sabha election, the Modi government has announced a major stake in reservation for the reservation. Modi government is going to manage 10% reservation for backward castes. It has already been prepared to do research in the constitution. In this case, it is necessary to know who will come in the reserve and who will not.

According to the sources, the EWS category has also been cleared. That is, who will get the benefit of reservation, it has also been decided.

The benefits of reservation will be available only to these families

- Has income of less than 8 lakhs
- Agricultural land is less than 5 hectares
- Small house is less than 1000 square feet

The people of this caste get benefit from the Reservation 

Brahmin, Nagar Brahmin - Nagar, Vachadra Brahmin, Anvil Brahmin, Dachya Brahman, Tapodhan Brahman, Mewada Brahmin, Mod Bra Brahmin, Gurgli Brahmin, Sakhra Brahman, Saraswat Brahmin, Srimali Brahmin, Rajput - Rajput, Kshatriya, Vatsyani - Vaishnav Shah, Bhatia, Bhavsar, Bhavsar (Jain), Brahma Kshatriya, Kshatriya Prabhu, Nayyetar caste (who is not in SC, ST, OBC / SEBC), Pujara, Care, Khandyaata, Khatri, Kaulbi-Kanabi, Leuve Patidar Patel, Kadva Patidar - Patel, Lade Bania, Shwetbar Jain Waniya, Digambar Jain Waniya, Lohana - Lavana - Lohana, Mandali, Maniyar, Maratha Rajput (originally settled in Gujarat), Maharashtra (not in SC, ST, OBC / SEBC) And originally settled in Gujarat), Dasha- Visa Jain, Porwal Jain, Sompura-Sompura Brahmin (excluding bellia salat), Soni-Sonar-Suvarnar, Sindhi (not in SC, ST, OBC / SEBC).

Unresolved 24 Muslim Species

Syed, Baloch, Bawki, Bhadela (Muslim), Alvi Vora (Muslim), Dawoodi Vora, Solomon's Vora, Muslim Chaki, Jalali, Kaji (Muslim), Kazi, Khoa, Malik (who are not in SC, ST, OBC / SEBC ), Muslim (Muslim), Atharwala (M), Mohan, Molassalam Garcia, Momin (Patel), Patel (Muslim), Pathan, Qureshi (Syed), Sam, Sheikh (who are not SC, ST, OBC / SEBC)

Other Endowments in Unincorporated
Parsi, Christian (who have not been protected from Scheduled Castes), Jews
The limits are unrealistic. ₹ 8,00,000 per year means more than ₹ 65,000 per month. Can you imagine in India how a family with this huge income may be economically backward? Its not USA or Europe. Its India. more than 95% Indian fall in this limit. And people of such income gives good amount of tax also. So how can you say that 95% people is economically backward? yes they are backward in comparison with US, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Australia. But we have to calculate in Indian economical condition.
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EBC will apply after 1st February in the recruitment of the Central Government
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