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Channels will become expensive from next month, know the cost of each channel

Channels will become expensive from next month, know the cost of each channel.

From February, the charge of cable and DTH services will increase. Following the order given by Trai, new channels have been fixed for each channel. With this, viewers will have to pay their own channel of choice. This new rule allows consumers to spend up to 400 to 500 rupees per

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has given time to the Satellite and Cable TV operators for new processing and channel selection system till January 31. But the time has been extended upto 31st January by increasing the time limit by not reaching enough information to the customers. Due to the new system, viewers will have to pay the choice channel instead of paying for a pack.

Subscribers will not be required to issue mandatory channels in the new system, the customer will pay by selecting the channel according to their own requirements. The pricing range of channels from TRAI has been fixed from 1 rupee to 19 rupees. This price has been kept consistent for each service provider.

In which each customer will have to pay a maximum of 130 rupees for 100 channels per month as a network capacity fee. If you want to see more than 100 channels, you will have to give 20 rupees more for the next 25 channels. Besides, if you select a new channel, its value will be added.

Channels will become expensive from next month, know the cost of each channel
Customers will be given FTA (free-to-air) channels for free of 130 rupees in the network capacity. In which you will have to comply with 25 channels of Television. You can change channels other than these. In which you can also add paid channels.

Example: Suppose you paid 130 rupees for 100 channels, in which you will be required to do 25 television sets. You can select an FTA (free-to-air) channel in the Civic 75 channel space. Suppose you chose 50 channel FTA in it, so now you have (25 + 50 = 75) 25 channel space left. In which you can now choose by selecting paid channels. If you choose more than 25 paid channels, you will have to pay 20 paise as a network capacity charge for the increased 25 channels. That means you will have to pay the total amount of 130 fixed + 20 additional channel network capacity charge + paid channel as much as you get.
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